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How I Almost Found Another Husband or How I Touch Strangers

Let me set the scene for you:

Husband and I were on a quick day trip July 4th to Pigeon Forge, TN.

He wanted to stop into the Golf & Gun store to check out their sale. Perfect! This means I had leverage to stop by the outlets later [Gap had 50% off one day only, I would have hitch hiked to get to that sale if need be]

While husband was perusing the cabinets of .22s and .45s and whatever other offerings they had on sale, I checked out the cute carrying cases [because of course you need a leather pouch with stud detailing to carry your handgun in] I finished looking at their selection and walked up to the husband at the gun cases, placing my hand very low on his back on his butt and asking if he found anything good……………

………..until another man turned around.

I squealed – then immediately got so embarrassed I started giggling uncontrollably.

I had to excuse myself to the parking lot until I could get it under control.

All the while husband was clueless of the happenings.

Once we were back in the car, I gave him the play by play and he thought it was the funniest thing – I told him he better watch out – I could have gotten another husband in an instant.

A heart wants what the heart wants.



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True Life.

True Life: I have a bachelors and master’s degree.

True Life: I had grandparents that saved and were able to give my sister and I each $30,000 to pay for school. Leaving me debt free since I went to a fairly cheap (in comparison to some) public 4 year university and the same university for grad school.

True Life: My husband has no college degree.

True Life: My husband’s parents and grandparents weren’t able to give anything to help support him through college. So as of now, he’s gone through the motions of “what you’re supposed to do” and start college by taking out loans.

True Life: He and I sat down a few semesters ago and looked at the real picture. What was really going on. He We were taking on debt to finance an education because? …Because everyone tells you that you are supposed to go to college to make something of yourself. He was in pre-nursing to get all the core classes before applying to nursing school. But when we sat down and really looked at what he wanted to do with his life verses staying on the path to racking up debt to finally graduate into an iffy job market (at least where we live), it just wasn’t worth it.

True Life: He didn’t register the next semester. He took a few months off to begin paying on what amount of student loan debt we already had and to really figure out what it was that he wanted for his life. And he figured out, pretty quickly, that for him, it wasn’t college for 4 years, possibly graduate school for 2 or 3 more and how many thousands of dollars owed to uncle sam or the credit union down the road.

True Life: He will be going to the community college in August (fingers crossed the program isn’t full – we just sent in the paperwork) to receive HVAC training (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). It’s in the evening (after his current full time job) and only runs for 2 semesters. It is also cheap enough and a short enough program that we can pay out of pocket (hello payment plan) so no other debt is gained.

True Life: He currently works as a property manager and the owner of the business said that after he receives the HVAC license, he can continue to work as the property manager but do all HVAC service calls to their property also, giving him a start to owning his own HVAC business without having to take a scary plunge of completely quitting his full time job first.

True Life: This is the best plan for him and our family. He’s always been a very hard worker and has wonderful entrepreneurial skills. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to see where this goes.


This brings me to my question of: Why do people (in general, not all), believe that to be successful, you must go to college. You must have that degree hanging on the wall of your home office. I used to be one of these. Because it’s what I grew up knowing. It’s what I did myself. I no longer think in this manner and support learning a trade 100%. If you put your mind to it and are a hard worker, you can make a wonderful living without the degree.


Day 12: Missing

Today’s prompt from Jenni is about something/someone that is missed. I have a few that jump to the front of my mind. I will go with my #1 missed person – My Nana (my mom’s mom). She was the most inspirational, supportive, loving, funny, faith-strong person that has ever been in my life. She always had great advise, wonderful recipes, and fun crafts planned whenever I was with her. She was my best friend and I can’t help but get a tinge of jealousy when I see people my age or even older that are lucky enough to have their grandparents still around.